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Macabre - Grim Scary Tales (remastered)

Nuclear Blast

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Format: CD
Catalogue No.: 0727361530921
Release Date: 11 Mar 2022
Genre: Rock / Metal

CD Track Listing: 1.Locusta/2.Nero’s Inferno/3.The Black Knight/4.Dracula/5.The Big Bad Wolf/6.Countess Bathory/7.Burke And Hare/8.Mary Ann/9.The Bloody Benders/10.Lizzie Borden/11.The Ripper Tramp From France/12.Bella The Butcher/13.The Kiss Of Death/14.The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor

The Masters of Murder Metal reappear on their 35th anniversary to present the entire MACABRE catalogue reissued via Nuclear Blast Records. Violently dragging metal heads into their morbid, serial killer-centric rhyme schemes while still delivering catchy, bona fide death metal is the compelling watermark that separates MACABRE from the pack. Starting back in 1985 with little more than a penchant for gore and a wish to create true, riffy death metal, MACABRE exploded onto the scene in 1987 with their debut album “Grim Reality” and left a gruesome scar that is absolutely incapable of being replicated.
1989’s “Gloom” presented the ever growing world of Death Metal with an incredible collection of songs that demonstrated MACABRE’s ability to bring forth true intricacy, inventiveness, and expertise with their music. Often regarded as a fan favorite, “Gloom” remains devoted to MACABRE’s proclivity for the subjects of mass murder, particular serial killers, and gore-gore galore.
Also observed as a favorite among fans, 1993’s “Sinister Slaughter” took MACABRE’s catalogue to a new level not just in terms of production, but in their image as well. It’s from this era that we first start to see the beginning stages of Nefarious, Corporate Death, and Dennis The Menace appearing both on stage and in photos as redneck, backwoods, serial killers, themselves. Decked out in blood red long johns, denim overalls, and winter hunters hats, the band fully embodies the personas of killers like Ed Gein or Donald Gaskins.
There’s something fascinating about the minds of these deranged psychopaths that makes us want to know more. Somehow the instincts that are meant to protect us from dangerous creatures, also seem to trigger a hideous enchantment among people the world over in regards to these humans, and they certainly serve as an endless source of inspiration for MACABRE. “It’s a morbid fascination that I think pretty much everyone has,” explains lead singer and songwriter Corporate Death. After a 7 year music writing hiatus, the band unleashed arguably, their most recognizable album: “Dahmer” in the year 2000. Adorned with a well-known image of Dahmer’s face from a court photo of him while on trial for multiple counts of murder and cannibalism, the album is easily identified and stands alongside “Sinister Slaughter” as MACABRE’s most listened to album to-date across every music platform, today. “With these guys, you can hear a song and basically get the whole story on what they’ve done. It’s just telling a story about each one. It’s what I do, I enjoy putting these stories into rhyming. I’m pretty inspired by Dr. Suess,” laughs Corporate Death.
MACABRE has a way of shelling out a variety of sounds by quickly switching up vocal pitches and patterns, tricky, rapid guitar, and of course the heart pounding eruptions from the low end that give death metal its distinct sonic flavor. While the theme of serial killers never seems to get old, repeating the exact same style over and over drives the guys of MACABRE over a cliff, thereby inspiring them to consistently experiment with their accent.
With the release of “Murder Metal” in 2003, and the subsequent delivery of “Grim Scary Tales” after another brief haitus in 2011, MACABRE have made it clear that they never intend on completey disappearing from the stage of death metal. With Nuclear Blast Records behind them once again, and with plans on releasing new material in late 2020, there’s a fierce and familiar energy behind MACABRE that will be sure to desecrate your ears, and tickle your cadaverous sensibilities! MACABRE is, and always has been, Nefarious (Charles Lescewicz - Bass, Vocals), Corporate Death (Lance Lencioni - Guitar, Vocals), and Dennis The Menace (Dennis Ritchie - Drums).

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