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Luis Ake - Bitte Lass Mich Frei


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Genre: Electronic/Pop
Format: LP
Catalogue No.: SUPERGUTLP01
EAN: 4251804123099
Release Date: 13th November 2020

180g Heavy Vinyl // Vinyl Reissue

"Who is this guy? Who is this insane fucking guy? A guy who produced Trap tracks on his last EP and
is now paying homage to Neue Deutsche Welle, as if he has never done anything else before and in
a way that we never want to hear anything else ever again? To whom the crowds are devoted to in
Paris, a guy who sleeps naked in the woods in the middle of Germany, who sings of the shimmering
girls („Schimmerndes Mädchen") and who doesn’t only embrace sadness but takes it to the club and
goes wild with it?

I am telling you: It’s the guy who we desperately need right now: He is making music for, as he is
putting it „young hipsters with Apple AirPods who wear big white sneakers but also for the 40 year
old Goths who are still listening to El Deux“. He is making music for you, you and for you, too. He
makes music for German Schlager fans, for the raver descending into the endless night and for next
Sunday afternoon’s come down.

Luis Ake is the guy, and he is from Stuttgart of all places, where Germany basically invented its
Germanness. And he is releasing this album that's as cold as the winter in which he recorded it. Of
course „Bitte Lass Mich Frei“ was born in winter, in a backyard without heating – how could it be any
different? Who needs heating when your heart is broken, shattered even? Yes, the album was written
after a breakup. Obviously it was. And so it describes all forms of that special kind of insanity that
comes with a broken heart: Loneliness, shallow sex, blame, longing, all of that, and more.
Vinyl tastes better ...

* Tracklist:
A1 Schillerndes Mädchen
A2 Bitte lass mich frei
A3 Circus der Ratten (feat. Xarah Dion)
A4 Zimmer ohne Tür
B1 Egal wohin
B2 Rotmilan
B3 Zurück
B4 Deine Stimme
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