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Louis Sclavis feat. Annabelle Luis & Bruno Ducret & Keyvan Chemirâni - Les Cadences du Monde

JMS Productions

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Format: CD
Catalogue No.: JMS123-2
Barcode: 3760145921239
Release Date: 27 May 2022
Genre: Jazz

 The Ariadne’s thread unwound by Louis Sclavis throughout his travels and musical adventures naturally leads him to write original melodies, nourished here and there by a sonic audacity and a timeless aesthetic well known to the public. His new album, ‘Les Cadences du Monde’, is a sort of bubbling case of imagined music inspired by the photographic work ‘L’Usure du monde’ by Frédéric Lecloux.
 Eleven tracks come out of it, giving us back our children’s eyes, inviting our dreams to resurface. It is not by chance that the acoustic marriage of the clarinet, the cello and the percussion is honoured in a balancing act of a very high intensity that pulls us towards the sensitive and the emotional. The formula chosen by Louis Sclavis obviously takes all its sense here leaving free rein to a great freedom in the instrumental interpretation. An album that is at once jubilant, luminous and greatly inspired.
 The trail set by Louis Sclavis along his travels and musical adventures brings him naturally to the writing of original
melodies, fed here and there by a sonorous boldness and a timeless aesthetics, well-known by the audience.
 His new album, ‘The Cadences of the World’, looks like a sort of effusive frame of music pieces that are full of imagery and yet inspired by the photographic work ‘L’usure du monde’ (The Wear of the World) of Frédéric Lecloux. It is composed of 11 titles that bring back our childhood point of view, inviting our dreams to resurface.
 Therefore, it is no coincidence that the acoustic blend of the
clarinet, the cello, and percussion instruments is in the spotlight with this high intensity balancing act that tugs at our heartstrings. 
 The phrase chosen by Louis Sclavis takes on its full meaning here, giving free rein to a great freedom in instrumental interpretation. This album is exhilarating, brilliant, and greatly inspired.

Une longue route blanche
Les chaos du monde
L'obsession des byzantins
Conte d'un jour
Les deux écritures
Ce Logis Dépouillé
Montée aux étoiles
La fin des phrases
A l'est des sources
Les saisons du delta
Red point

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