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Longhair - "The Forbidden Dance'

Love On The Rocks

  • £20.43

Cat: LOTR021
Format: 12"
EAN: 4251804121620   
Release: 7 jan 21
Genre: Electronic/House

* From the murky depths of Berlin comes a monster, a wicked beast with two heads, a strange penchant for house music and the bizarre. Longhair is the duo made up of Marko aka Homeboy and Bene from Peak & Swift, two well known figures in the Berlin musical community who have begun to amass inter-est and intrigue as a production outfit, appearing on imprints like House Is OK and Bordello A Parigi. There is an unholy amount of musical ammunition ready to be unleashed upon the innocent world and it’s bloody great.
There are plenty of influences from all kinds of corners in Longhair, from 80’s synth sounds, to Italian dream house beats, but it clearly has its own vibe as they demonstrate on “The Forbidden Dance”,
their debut single for Paramida’s Love On The Rocks label.
A ubiquitous summer hit in the making: a sure-fire combo of unforgettable melody, nostalgia kicks, totally dreamy production and the sound of seagulls. On the flip, we find the Rhumba mix, a mostly
beatless counterpart, perfect for DJs that want to get creative.
Longhair’s take on house music is emerging as a sound of their own; groovy, very danceable but laid back, marked by a progressive approach and a softer attitude and ultimately an ideal match for Love
On The Rocks.

* Tracklist:
A. Longhair - The Forbidden Dance (Original Version)
AA. Longhair - The Forbidden Dance (Rhumba Version)
Rising Seed ‘Come

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