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Life Betrays Us – Somewhere In Between

Rucktion Records

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Format: CD
Catalogue No.: RUCK059
Barcode: 5055869583206
Release Date: 2nd July 2021
Genre: Punk/Hardcore

After a chance encounter on the streets of London between members of the Portuguese and UK hardcore scenes led to the formation of LIFE BETRAYS US, 2015's incendiary demo was put out to immediate praise in hardcore music circles. The group's pedigree - featuring members of Bun Dem Out, Reality Slap, Tirade, Ironed Out, LBU, Steal Your Crown, and Crippler LBU - continues to shine on debut EP "Somewhere In Between" with an even heavier sound and crushing production courtesy of Stu McKay at Studio 6. Current single "Bad Decisions" (featuring Pierre from UK hardcore kings Knuckledust) indicates the ferocity and song-writing present on "Somewhere In Between" and the group's commitment to an all killer/no filler policy has ensured that this is one of 2017's essential heavy music releases. Following on from their impressive and well-acclaimed summer 2015 demo, London's LIFE BETRAYS US have wasted no time in returning to the studio to record the follow-up and Rucktion Records is proud to present their debut official release. "Somewhere In Between" features 6 brand new songs of complete and utter fury and mayhem, a fresh take on heavy London hardcore in the classic Rucktion style but featuring new faces and exciting, original twists to the formular. London Hardcore, and particularly artists related to Rucktion Records, has traditionally had a history of sharing members, with many individuals playing in two or more bands. LIFE BETRAYS US are no exception to this, with Bun Dem Out/Ironed Out's Jorge on drums and Crippler LBU/Tirade drummer Ammo stepping up to the mike for the first time as an imposing frontman. However, with the addition of new faces Johnny and Nuno on guitar and Jon on bass, the band's sound is injected with a completely fresh perspective, while still maintaining the key elements that make them a perfect addition to the Rucktion family. Monstrous, brutal and raging grooves are spread throughout "Somewhere In Between" and while remaining mostly mid-paced, the sheer business of LIFE BETRAYS US' chugging and riffing as they attack their song give the band a compelling intensity. Unconventional and refreshing song structures and the occasional discordant passage allow for a break in amongst the chaos and prove the band can add in other dimensions to their sound. Add in singer Ammo's furious and passionately roared, dark, yet uplifting lyrics, tackling real-life struggles and refusing to give in to corruption and injustice, and the result is explosive, epitomised by the all-out assault of "Bad Decisions" featuring Pierre of Knuckledust, for which the band released a video. LIFE BETRAYS US have built on the established Rucktion sound and reimagined it for 2017, and "Somewhere In Between" is equal parts breathtaking power and rich, accomplished songwriting, making for a satisfying and punishing listen. Members of Crippler LBU, Bun Dem Out, Tirade, Ironed Out team up with some new faces (Steal Your Crown - Por - and Reality Slap). The result is the classic Rucktion sound, armour-plated for 2017 with some fresh and original twists, raging heavy London hardcore for fans of Lifeless, Crown Of Thornz, Bun Dem Out, Krutch.

Track list: 1. Unjust 2. Deceit 3. Bad Decisions feat. Pierre Knuckledust 4. The Price 5. Numbers Game 6. Somewhere In Between

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