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Harlem Shuffle

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Format: 7" Vinyl
Catalogue No.: HSRSS0027
Barcode: 7141095212442
Release Date: 21 Jun 2024
Genre: Reggae

“Skinhead Revolt” by Joe The boss aka Joe Mansano was first released in 1970 on the Trojan sublabel Joe as a B side to the track “Tony B’s Theme” by Joey’s All Stars. 
“The Thief” was released in 1969 on the Joe Label with the track “Gun The Man Down” by Dice The Boss on the flip. “Gun The Man Down” is also being repressed by us on a separate single.
Both titles are British Boss Reggae classics that are very much demand. 

About Joe Mansano: 
“Skinhead Revolt” and “The Thief” are both written, produced and performedby Joe Mansano, real name Joel Mansano. Joel was a Trinidadian who moved to London in 1963. He was a record shop seller, song writer and producer and became heavily involved in the early reggae era producing and writing tracks for several Jamaican artists, enough for Trojan to dedicate a label to him: the “Joe” label aimed at the emerging Skinheads market. He also owned a shop the Joe's Record Centre in Brixton and recorded two handfuls of popular singles under the name Joe The boss…
These singles are now super rare and very much in demand.


Title: "SKINHEAD REVOLD" Artist: JOE THE BOSS - Limited Edition 500 copies
Year: 1970
Genre: Boss Reggae
Produced written and performed by Joe Mansano
This Skinhead anthem was reissued once on the now very rare and expensive Trojan’s ‘Haunted House’ 7” single box. It was initially released in 1969 on the Trojan sublabel Joe in the U.K.  and is very popular and very much demand today. A fine example of made in Britain Boss Reggay.


Title: "THE THIEF" - Artist: JOE THE BOSS - Year: 1969
Genre: Boss Reggae
Produced and written by Joe Mansano
Here is a super rare and cracking track written and performed by Joe Mansano.
This is the first reissue on 7inch vinyl single of this Boss Reggae killer released in 1969 on the Trojan sublabel Joe in the U.K. 

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