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Jaco – Los Misterios

Màgia Roja

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Format: LP
Catalogue No.: MR027 
Barcode: 5055869587556
Release Date: 14th May 2021
Genre: Post-punk, Experimental

Sometimes it is as magic as this: the needle drops and straight away a bell dings, a drum pounds and a solemn trumpet marches in and, out of nowhere, we are deep into the ether, adrift in Jaco’s mysteries. Though Larry Rodríguez, his real name, has been an active player in Barcelona’s music scene for over a decade, this is his maiden album and was three years in the making. In what may be an unconscious reminder of the slow wandering that took place before the record finally found its release, Larry starts with the declaration of the need to heat up, as we are told: “Empiezo a sentir un calor que me mantiene aún encendido”, (“I’m starting to feel a warmth inside me that keeps me switched on”). He sounds so convincing that afterwards we cannot look back. In less than 35 minutes, Jaco’s music offers us a glimpse of something located in the interzone between reality, dreams, and dystopia. Bureaucratic fake-news nightmares, surreal trips in Almería, sour reflections on human nature or thriller-like scenes in a video store are just some of the topics given lyrical treatment. The music is no less engrossing: usually percussion-driven, the rhythm is accompanied by a plethora of soundscapes enjoying a ride across the sonic spectrum, in and out, to the fore and back, bouncing, full of reverberations, treated sounds and textural synth lines. We are living in strange times, aren’t we? As disorienting as it is, Jaco’s music delivers on the promise made by its album title and offers us something in line with the uncertainties of the times we find ourselves in. And, hey, that is quite something of an achievement, right? Featured on the Independent Music Podcast #318 

Track list: 1. Iaco el portador de la antorcha 2. Delirio 3. Sur 4. El jardín de la desdicha 5. Las Procesiones 6. Xenogénesis 7. Quiero perderme en tu cuerpo 8. Heroína Tiempo 9. L'inframón 10.Videoclub

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