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J. Mono - Redate III & Compilation Tracks [incl. dl code / incl. insert]

Dalmata Daniel

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Format: Cassette
Catalogue No.: DDCS03
Release Date: 24 Feb 2023
Genre: Electronic

A01 J. Mono - Xin3
A02 J. Mono - h2
A03 J. Mono - gly_acid
A04 J. Mono - acid_fog
A05 J. Mono - Rf_orig
A06 J. Mono - away
A07 J. Mono - wreck
A08 J. Mono - pattern128
A09 J. Mono - waves_v2
A10 J. Mono - DrR_orig
A11 J. Mono - rgd
A12 J. Mono - B-zzzzzzzzzz
B01 J. Mono - trek12
B02 J. Mono - seashoreii
B03 J. Mono - 111
B04 J. Mono - Super Owl
B05 J. Mono - c3_3
B06 J. Mono - DR000769
B07 J. Mono - 766D
B08 J. Mono - V-01
B09 J. Mono - Latt
B10 J. Mono - crap_acid
B11 J. Mono - crap_acid4
B12 J. Mono - crap_acid6

J. Mono twists our sense of time again, coming up with the third installment of his 'Redate' series: an elegant selection of uncut tracks, roaming in the fields of electro, acid, IDM and EBM.

Redate III in its digital format presents tracks that were written and recorded between 2014 and 2015.

As the cassette version, it includes not only Redate III (as side A), but a collection of J. Mono's various other tracks created between 2017 and 2021, that appeared beforehand on various compilation albums (as side B). In other words, with this fresh new tape you're all set with 8 years of J. Mono experience.

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