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JFC Worldwide Records via AWAL

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Catalogue No.: JLL001V
Barcode: 5056167125464
Release Date: 27th November 2020
Genre: Dance/Electronic

J Lloyd, one half of the duo behind British group Jungle, shares his new mixtape Kosmos, produced and recorded over a 72-hour period in early April 2020.

The project is an exercise on a continuous, unfiltered flow of recording, where each track flows and develops naturally into the next idea.<p>

The mixtape was written and recorded in order, meaning the atmosphere and tempo of one track influences the next.

Zane Lowe - Beats 1 - World First - Apocalypse/If I Fall Under

“You Wake Up On A Tuesday Morning and You Find Something Exceptional, You Don’t Know What Shape Its Gonna Take Or How Long iT Might Be, It Might Be A Human Being Or Something Thats Created By Human Being, And Then You Hear This And Realise, Oh! Thats What I Was Waiting For, Unbelievable, That Is To Me, That's Just What I Need Right Now, That Is Some Low Slung Funk, That Is Some Fly Low Inspired Oddness, Coming Together, Strange Key Chains A Total Desire To Instinctively Follow The Thread On That, Without Trying To Control It And What You Come Out The Other Side with….. Is Pure Instinctive Art, I Love It, J Lloyd Man, As If I Didn’t Love You Enough In Jungle, Thank You Bro, Love That So Much, That Was Incredible!!!!”

Annie Mac - BBC Radio 1 - First Play - Gotta Work Harder/Feelin Good

“I've Got Something Brand New For You Now, First Play On The Show from J. Lloyd, You may not know him from his name J Lloyd, but you’ll know his band Jungle, They’ve had two albums out that are signed to XL Recording’s, Their Debut Album Was Shortlisted For The Mercury Prize back in 2014, Then They Had An Album In 2018 called Forever, So he’s Been Making Music In His Studio In Isolation And This Track Was Made At The Beginning If April And Its Actually Two Tracks Joined Together Called Gotta Work Harder/Feeling Good And They Are Excellent As You Would Expect And Hope And Imagine From One Half Of Jungle, So Check This Out, Brand New Music From Josh Lloyd….."

“Josh Lloyd Gotta Work Harder/Feelin Good, Just One Of A Myriad Of Brilliant Tracks That Have Come Out Of This Lockdown Over The Last Few Months!!”

Jack Saunders - BBC Radio 1 - Midnight Drop - Gotta Work Harder/Feelin Good

“J Lloyd AKA Josh From Jungle Everyone, This Things Funks HARD! Check It Out Its Called ‘Gotta Work Harder/Feelin Good’”

“I Mean Technically This Is A Nice Solo Side Project Thing For J Lloyd AKA Josh From Jungle But Ain’t Gonna Lie That Thing Be Vibin’ Very very Hard, Its Called Gotta Work Harder/Feelin Good On The Radio 1 Indie Show, Thats Your First Drop Tonight! And By The Way Theres A Mixtape With Loads More Music Coming This Friday, Kosmos Is The Title, You Should Go And Check That Out, Josh Has Put Together Some Absolute Belters There'

1. Intro
2. God Forgiving Souls
3. Apocalypse
4. If I Fall Under
5. Trouble
6. The Way I Feel About You
7. Turn Into The Fire
8. I've Been Dreaming Of
9. Goodbye From Mother Earth
10. Crushed In
11. Call Me When You Need Me
12. Glorious
13. Interlude
14. Baby
15. You Work Too Hard
16. Strange Times
17. Life Is On The Lawn
18. Mystère
19. Let Me Be Your Hero
20. How Far ???
21. I Just Want To Love Her
22. Gotta Work Harder
23. Feelin' Good
24. It's No Wonder
25. Stay Home With Me

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