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Ivan The Tolerable - Autodidact [Coloured Vinyl]

Up In Her Room

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Format: LP
Catalogue No.: UIHR018 
Barcode: 689492225018 
Release Date: 05 Apr 2024
Genre: Experimental Jazz, Drone, Psychedelic Rock, Lo-fi

We are delighted to bring you the first in the Ivan The Tolerable Archive Reissue Series, Autodidact!

Originally released on a 10” lathe cut by Ack Ack Ack Records in February 2018, this has now been remastered and repackaged, and will now be available on ltd edition khaki vinyl, with only 250 copies pressed. Here’s a bit about the record in Oli Heffernan’s aka Ivan The Tolerable own words-

“I recorded the bulk of this record over a weekend in January 2018, in the midst of a very minor breakdown that was to last for pretty much the entire year. I was living in a big house all on my own, smoking too much and not really seeing any people. Happy days indeed.

It was tracked in the back room of 97 Hambledon Road, Middlesbrough using two questionable microphones, a broken HH 100 amp, my friends drums and a Tascam DP08 (that wasn’t to see the year out, RIP 2009-2018) When I was done, Robbie came round and recorded a ton of violin drones through my amp and i remember feeling like I’d gone into a trance a few times, then Ben recorded his parts at home and sent them over. Mixed and mastered the same night - I released it myself a month later as a lathe cut 10”and then promptly moved on. I listened to the album for the first time in years to write this sleeve note and I think it is possibly the closest I’ve ever got to capturing the sound I hear in my head - I love how grubby and cavernous it sounds, claustrophobic and swirling - the track Autodidact I have recorded 4 more times since this version and I’ve never got that sound back. I’II keep trying.’’
“Oli Heffernan, June 2023’’

Track listing
1. Autodidact
2. Fractures
3. Oxblood Walls

4. Lulworth Skipper
5. Phantom Limb
6. Shiv

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