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Harald Lassen - Human Samling [LP]


  • £19.87

Cat. no: 3779325
Format: LP
Barcode: 0687437793257
Release Date: 12th March 2021
Genre: Jazz

On ‘Human Samling’ Norwegian saxophonist/composer Harald Lassen shows that his growing acclaim and reputation as a unique creative force within Norwegian jazz is not only justified but plain for all to hear.

He once again demonstrates a deft handling of the experimental and adventurous without complete abandonment of melody, harmony or pulse.

Beginning with the mellow opener, “Before You Came”, there is a feeling of both nostalgia and yearning. The single “Berry Joy” sways between languid grooves and playing peek-a-boo with the shadows, a memorably melodic foray with impeccable playing. “Voyager” swaggers and jitters, its eyes always on the horizon, moving forward. “Thinkwalk” is an atmospheric excursion, complete with the sounds of nature, like church music for the pantheist, other tracks include “Stella”, which begins with a twinkling piano riff and proceeds to rapidly evolve into a melodic jazz pop classic.

His ultra-reliable and always impressive band maintain a perfect synchronicity, not merely in terms of metrics, but also in terms of the prevailing musical winds, sailing in unison towards the same destination, never becoming lost in their own peregrinations, but remaining distinct individuals rather than mere tools for Lassen’s imagination.

Tracks: Before you came / Berry Joy / Voyager / Thinkwalk / Stella / ListenTo / Awaa! / How it feels pt. 1 / How it feels pt. 2 / Pillow talk

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