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Hánkel Bellido - A Change of Mourning

Death Is Not The End

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Format: Cassette
Catalogue No.: DEATH044
Barcode: 5050580767263
Release Date: 16th July 2021
Genre: World/Reggae (Latin America)

01: Mamay Sofía
02: Wawallayki Waturicuq
03: Qamullahuayña Kuyay Jesusllay
04: Adios Nillaway Dispidillaway
05: Llamado al Pueblo
06: Llampuayachi Sunquykita
07: Ama Diosta Kutirinkichu
08: Riqsiniñam Quchallayta
09: San Gregorio
10: Campana a Media Noche
11: Apuyaya
12: Cambio de Luto

Taking place in the Paras district, Cangallo province, in the Ayacucho region of the Central-South Sierra of Peru - this is a recording of a ritual held on February 5th 2020 for the one year anniversary of the death of Mrs. Sofía Miranda de Bellido, recorded by her grandson Hánkel Bellido.

At noon the coffin of "Mamay Sofía" was presented, so that her relatives could say goodbye for the last time. Following tributes from family members, these songs dedicated to her life and her passing were sung.

The townspeople were notified of the events by the sound of bells that produce a peculiar and powerful sound, and that can be heard in the other nearby towns of Paras. It is said that these bells were greased with human fat, and brought from the Cerro de Pasco region during colonial times. The bells must be played all morning until the change of mourning takes place.

At midnight the songs of the Almakunapaq (also known as San Gregorios) mass began. These are unique to the Andean peoples - a fusion of Andean and Christian syncretic traditions - and are said to help the dead to enter the eternal Kingdom.

It was 4am when the change of mourning took place, and in accordance with traditions, the friends & family announce the presence of harp and violin players, to liven up the proceedings with songs of joy and merriment until the next day.

"Mamay Sofia, manan wañukunkichu, kawsakuchkankim sunquykupi; sichus qunqarusqaykiku, chaymi ichaqa wañukunki!"

"I have not died, I will die on the day that you forget me!"

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