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GusGus - Mexico


  • £25.25
Genre: Electronic
Format: LP+DL
Catalogue No.: Kompakt301 
B/C: 880319093234
Release Date: 26th February 2021


From opening anthem OBNOXIOUSLY SEXUAL to the existentialist shuffle of closing ballad THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU MESS WITH LOVE, this album leaves no stone unturned on its journey to sonic bliss, delving ever deeper into its timeless melodies with every subsequent track.
It's hard to pinpoint highlights from an album like MEXICO, as each of those cuts stands well on its own - without sacrificing its role in the ensemble. In a way, that's a good metaphor for GUSGUS itself, as this project again and again manages to successfully pool the forces from a group of exceptionally gifted individuals. Which could be the secret ingredient in the recipe responsible for the band's compelling magic. Take SUSTAIN, AIRWAVES or GOD APPLICATION: drawing from influences as diverse as 80's synth pop, UK garage or 90's trance, each of these tracks showcases a unique identity... but still interlocks with the overarching aesthetics of the album and its omnipresent penchant for brilliant pop hooks.
Frequency-shifting house stomper ANOTHER LIFE and deep string groover THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME might come closest to the predecessor's voluptuous textures, engaging in the same kind of floor-friendly agility against the backdrop of monumental synth washes. Interestingly enough, title track MEXICO is the only instrumental on the new full-length, fittingly bringing a more linear flair air to the proceedings. But it's what makes it all the more amazing to witness GUSGUS' strong sense of melody and playfulness bending the steel of standardized club formatting into shape. Sporting the nuanced narration of a coherent artist album as well as the eager excitement of a great track selection, GusGus' latest holds the potential to become a source for many a personal best-of mixtape. All killer, no filler!

1 Obnoxiously Sexual 2 Another Life 3 Sustain 4 Crossfade 5 Airwaves 6 God Application 7 Not the first time 8 Mexico 9 This Is What You Get When You Mess With Love

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