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Greta - Forever We'll Be Dancing [Grey Swirl Vinyl]

W.A.S Entertainment

  • £42.82

Format: LP, Grey Swirl Vinyl
Catalogue No.: NA1295
Barcode: 0764460581997
Release Date: 17 Jun 2022
Genre: Electronic/Synth Pop


GRETA: »I will always be missing someone«

Music became an escape for Greta during lockdown, and her new songs tell us about the feelings of love and longing that became an essential part of the pandemic for the German, Copenhagen based singer-songwriter. The songs follow last year’s successful debut album ‘Ardent Spring’ and together they make up her new album ‘Forever We’ll Be Dancing’, which will be released on February 4th 2022

Like so many of us, Greta spent most of last year trapped inside her apartment. While some have been making puzzles or knitting sweaters, Greta has been writing songs about love, euphoria and longing; longing for the clubs of Berlin, longing for social contact and trying to find a way out of an emotional darkness.

During the Corona lockdown, Greta found herself in a romantic symbiosis with her husband and though the isolation brought them closer, it was also a challenging time where Greta’s husband struggled with depression.

»Music became my escape and if I needed to take a break and connect with myself, I could disappear into my computer and write a lot of songs. That was a good thing. Difficult, but good. It’s extremely hard to be close to someone who’s in pain when you have to carry them because they’re not able to carry themselves. In that sense, lockdown has been a good thing. My husband needed me and because of the lockdown I didn’t have to worry about missing out on anything. I feel that I’ve reached a deeper understanding of his feelings because we’ve had time to talk about them«, Greta says.

The bubble of love and depression became a source of strength and personal growth, but it also caused Greta to miss the world outside and her family in the small German town Husum. Because of this, Greta wanted to fulfill a wish she had kept for a long time – she wanted to write songs in her native tongue, German. This is why multiple of her songs carry titles such as ‘Nicht Allein’, ‘Genug’ and ‘Drei’.

The German language brings the lyrics closer to Greta’s most honest self and it allows her to tell us exactly how she thinks and feels. She is well aware that her audience might have trouble understanding the German lyrics but it doesn’t scare her. She finds it funny that people have to take a guess on the meaning behind the lyrics.

»I can sing about my deepest needs and wishes – and people won’t be able to understand it! But I think they can feel what I’m singing about. They can feel the intensity. That’s quite beautiful actually. And you know, you can always just copy paste the lyrics in to Google Translate, and find out what they mean.«

1.Vibrant 3:30 2.Stranger 3:21 3.Nicht Allein 3:42 4. Wonder 3:26 5.Drei 1:27 6. Forever We’ll Be Dancing 4:32 7.Bliss II 4:16 8.Will You stay 1:36 9.Genug 3:53 10. Out Of Mind 2:53

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