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Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors - Selected Works 1985 - 2005

Time Capsule

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Format: 2LP
Catalogue No.: TC10
Barcode: 0650245230481 
Release Date: 5th March 2021
Genre: Balearic/Downtempo

A1. Night Whisper (Trance - 1992)
A2. Eliana (Totem - 1985)
A3. Nomad (Trance - 1992)
B1. Stefania’s Song (Still Chillin’ - 2005)
B2. Seducing Hades (Luna - 1994)
C1. Zone Unknown (Zone Unknown - 1997)
C2. Silver Desert Cafe (Tongues - 1995)
C3. Totem (Totem - 1985)
D1. Dancing Path. Chaos (Initiation - 1988)
D2. Labyrinth (Luna - 1994)
D3. Shavasana (Still Chillin’ - 2005)

LP FORMAT DETAILS: Double LP, Liner notes.

Ground-breaking percussive ambient recordings to induce altered states of consciousness through ecstatic dance. Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors were a world unto themselves.

Despite featuring an extraordinary cast of musicians (with credits including Pharoah Sanders, Miles Davis, Sun Ra, Santana and Milton Nascimento) and selling hundreds of thousands of albums, the music of Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors remains largely unheard beyond their sphere. Conceived as live, improvised soundtracks to Roth’s transcendental dance workshops, musical acclaim was never on the agenda.

Instead, for a passionate dancer and spiritual polyglot like Gabrielle Roth, movement was a means through which to channel a wide spectrum of teaching, from experimental psychology to psychedelic counter-culture. It was from this heady mix that she devised a movement meditation known as 5Rhtyhms, which came to define her life’s work.

As “guide and catalyst”, Roth would dance to inspire the percussion-led instrumentals that would in turn fuel her 5Rhythms workshops, stimulating a secular form of ecstatic dance with roots in Native American shamanic traditions, Afro-Brazilian Candomblé and Yoruba drumming. Using anything from a Sioux pony drum to East African kihembe and Japanese Kabuki drums, Gabrielle’s lawyer-turned-drummer husband Robert Ansell set the foundational rhythms for The Mirrors’ recordings, each of which would then feature a rotating cast of friends and professional musicians.

“The secret of everything we’ve done is that we never told anybody what to play,” Robert shares. “Instead of our albums being a musical vision of one person like me or Gabrielle, they were the musical vision of a whole bunch of people.”

At times the recordings have a Middle Eastern flair, at others, West African and spiritual jazz modes come to the fore. Hints of kosmische musik, proto-house and electronic ambience are laced like LSD through the organic rhythmic structures. This was kaleidoscopic ambient music to stir the body and free the mind.

In practice, the task of synthesising these different elements fell to Scott Ansell, Robert’s son and a recording engineer whose credits now include Nile Rogers, Duran Duran, Grace Jones. With meticulous attention to detail he captured and translated the dynamic energy of each drum onto record. Their sessions became legendary, and with access to the best studios in the NYC, The Mirrors sparkled.

Despite being initially overlooked by the burgeoning ‘80s New Age market, which preferred pipes and gongs to The Mirrors’ heavy-grooving drums, Robert Ansell set up Raven Recording to self-release the music, creating a vast sonic archive of sixteen albums over almost forty years. The breadth of Raven’s catalogue is such that curator Pol Valls had to cut an initial selection of sixty-six tracks down to the eleven featured here. What crystallises is a stunning, mind-altering collection which spans, in Pol’s words, “a variety of genres, styles, and vibes within their catalogue, whether it is emotional, esoteric, spiritual, melancholic, hypnotic, dark, or at times a combination of these elements together.”

Music for immersive and intimate environments, Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors were born from the dance. In the hands of the right DJ, at the right time, in the right place, they might just return there.

PRESS/ONLINE: Hunee - thank you, this is wonderful!!!
Leo Mas - it's beautiful, the quality is very high, like in all your releases, congratulations, you are fantastic!
Matt Werth (RVNG Intl) - Whew… This is incredible!
Tako Reyenga - Keep up the good work , i have been really enjoying the TC releases!
Toshiya Kawasaki (mule musiq) - I love the release!
DJ Sundae - Thanks a lot for sending over this super great promo, very like it!
Chris Coco - This is fantastic. I’ll definitely play some on my Melodica show next week.
Phil South (Golf Channel) - So looking forward to checking this out!
Switchdance (Switchdance) - Amazing album! Thank you a lot for this.
rRoxymore - wow thank you so much, for sending me this promo ! looking forward to dig into the record. Hopefully I will be able to cope a copy.
Alejandro Cohen (Dublab) - amazing! we'll add it to our March rotation.
Alasdair King (Ransome Note) - Woah this is amazing, thanks for sharing, will play!
Zakia (NTS) - I am a secret 5 Rhythms fan so this is quite literally music to my ears! Amazing!

OTHER ACTIVITY: https://time-capsule.space/

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