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FRED - Sweet Thing


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RELEASE DATE: 4th Dec 2020
Genres - Techno

Track Listing
A1. Sweet Thing (ft. Cold Diamond & Mink)
B1. My Baby's Outta Sight (ft. Cold Diamond & Mink)

Fred broke out on scene with his slept on debut, the crossover soul gem "Love Can Last Forever" in 2016. After a four year hiatus between releases, it's time for his sophomore single "Sweet Thing", and it's clear that his talent is like fine wine, a thing that needs its time. Since his premier release kicked off Stylart, the Timmion sublabel, Cold Diamond & Mink has put soul on the table with a steady pace and from this new track it's clear that they shine some special love for Fred. As a result,"Sweet Thing" is as lush as it comes with a shimmering electric piano, horns on full blast and strings to boot. When fused with Fred's delicate delivery, passionate lyrics, overdubs and a mid-tempo soul dance groove, it all really comes together. There's a gentle southern breeze in the air and can we really demand less from Espoo's finest. We are nowhere nearer to cracking the enigma of Fred's personality, but he does ...

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