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Filipe Felizardo & The Things Previous - ‘Vol.9 After The Circle’


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Folk LP CREP76 

B/C: 5055869562461

29th May 2020 

Outsider Portuguese artist Filipe Felizardo delivers a singular album of 21st century loner folk from the confines of his apartment. 

Performed, recorded and mixed at home over the course of two days during the Summer of 2019, the music captured on this record resonates now more than ever to our current housebound times. Construction site noises, leaking sinks, random conversations, cat meows and guitar strums all interact with each other in this origami field recording from the interiors of one’s mind, now regurgitated as an oddly prophetic anthem to our recent social distancing times. 

Born out of a drive for autonomy on Filipe’s part, both in terms of recording as well as using the guitar as a percussive instrument, the album is constructed as a never ending experience, without start nor end. The guitar features as a punctuating figure amongst the proceedings, a figure of speech that glues all other coincidental (?) noises like a guiding force throughout the album. 

Dubbed by the artist as ‘A Manual of Resistance to Desolation – Through Inwardness’, one can not shake the feeling that creativity is at its best when pushed to the limits of confinement and limitation. A personal statement through music and mood, unlike what other artists are doing and we couldn’t care less - intimate, peculiar and frozen in time. 

Filipe Felizardo and The Things Previous are (this time round) Gabriel Ferrandini, Sonja Câmara, Hugo Canoilas, Isobel Atacus, The Tummy Team, Nove, & Francisco Petrucci.

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