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Feral - Absolute Zero EP [printed sleeve / 180 grams]

Mental Modern

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Catalog: MMV012
Label: Mental Modern
Genre: Techno
Release date: 11th June 2021
Format: 12"

A1 Feral - Resin
A2 Feral - Gamma Ray
B1 Feral - Bolide
B2 Feral - Snag

A sense of fear floods my body,
my broken knees due to the crazy run just concluded
I'm stuck, with a lost gaze,
In the memory of yesterday, I do not have in the thought of tomorrow, I do not get
I let fall myself on a side, stunned
Hoping in a vane improvement,
I got drag, in a thoughts' tunnel
and even more confused, I close the eyes, scared.
I do not understand what is happening to me, I feel sweaty, suddenly I yell
is already the late daytime, I realize,
that I spent another night in the oblivion.
Another day I've lost,
And in this charm, I will stay chained

-Utopian Soul-

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