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Eve Maret - Stars Aligned


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Format: LP
Catalogue No.: PRAH31LP
Barcode: 5060164958192
Release Date: 13th November 2020
Genre: Indie

1 Synthesizer Hearts 3:30
2 Stars Aligned 5:47
3 Freedom 4:27
4 Bury The Dream 3:26
5 Do My Thing 4:29
6 Satisfaction 3:37
7 Impressions 10:35
8 Be Careful 2:19
9 Forgotten Ways

Eve Maret's art celebrates the personal and the communal. Realising oneself as a musician, with a journey through grief and acceptance to arrive at a new found confidence to share love and creativity.

Having recently signed to PRAH Recordings this Nashville based synthesist and producer introduces her forthcoming album ’Stars Aligned’ with the single ‘Freedom’ released on July 6th.

'Freedom' is a dizzying ride from the Autobhan to Interstate 40, breezing into the city with a tale of personal truth and creative liberation set to euphoric electronica. A trip from Kraftwerk to Bjork, Laurie Anderson to Harmonia, Neu! to Orbital, Freedom builds from simple electro foundations to a climax of anthemic proportions. In the final movement, Eve flicks the switch, her vocals moving from a whisper to a vocoder filtered mantra "Freedom. Freedom ain't free. Freedom. Freedom for you and me.”

Stars Aligned will be a introduction to her work for many but for the artist it’s the most crystallised version yet of the world of sound she seeks to operate within – “my spiritual yearning made manifest”, as she describes it.

A co-founder of Hyasynth House - an electronic music collective and education centre in Nashville for female, trans, and non-binary artists, Maret has released two albums previously - her explorative debut 'Say So' and the more beat driven synth pop follow up 'No More Running’. She appeared alongside Marisa Anderson and Moon Duo’s Vive le Void on Centripetal Force label’s compilation My Body Tis of Thee for pro-choice charity NARAL and 2019’s ‘OFO’ addressed her own obsessive and compulsive behaviour and she has played shows with Xiu Xiu, Sun Araw and Lydia Lunch, among others.

Stars Aligned is a pop-edged modular sprawl that encompasses past experiences and processes, allied with her own personal emotional and spiritual growth. “It’s about the truth that is revealed by one’s suffering, seeing it as an opportunity for compassion and growth, and focusing on what you want to manifest in the present moment” she says. “My personal experience of grief, love, disappointment, joy, and heartbreak made this album what it is.”

Moving seamlessly from the skittering four to the floor and manipulated vocals of 'Synthesizer Hearts’ to more scrambled amalgamations, it’s reflective of the real-life flux that Maret herself existed in; these first two tracks were conceived in a camper van in the Tennessee countryside.

She worked closely with local musicians featuring flautist Lou Turner on ‘Freedom’ and saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist on ‘Be Careful’ and recorded her vocals at multi-disciplinary’s Tyler Blackenship’s studio. This may be a solo project but Stars Aligned is an album heavy on human connection in theme and in practice. Showcasing Maret’s more ambient side is the ten-minute long ‘Impressions’. Made with guitarist Sean Thompson, the piece bounces gently between three notes before a pedal steel washes over it – a feint reminder of Nashville’s country and folk heritage that surrounds her.

Describing herself as "a sponge that collects inspiration of all sorts, which is then filtered and reimagined in the sounds I choose to make” Maret says she "was inspired by my friends’ music like Dream Chambers, Linda Heck, and JayVe, as well as the music I heard out at shows.” A local R&B and Soul station “playing a ton of Isaac Hayes and Marvin Gaye became increasingly important to me as I made the groovier songs. Manuel Gottsching, Iasos, and Pauline Anna Strom have definitely inspired the more ambient tunes I make."

Stars Aligned, is a record that encompasses the growth that Maret has already made, as well as lighting a path for where she is next to go.

OTHER ACTIVITY: https://prah.co.uk/

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