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Evan Crankshaw & The Dead Mauriacs – Expedition


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Format: CD
Catalogue No.: AKUCD1035
Barcode: 781930846196
Release Date: 03 Jun 2022
Genre: Alternative

Expedition is a collaboration between sound artist The Dead Mauriacs (aka Olivier Prieur) and collage artist Evan Crankshaw, based on their mutual interest in treating exotica as both a subject and a material. Evan Crankshaw's 2015 collage book, also entitled Expedition, is assembled and collaged by hand from a vast archive of popular exoticist printed materials, and explores recurring motifs in expedition narratives, simultaneously evoking and alienating the exoticist fantasy. In 2018, the book was interpreted for a live performance at Festival BBMix (Boulognes-Billancourt, France) in collaboration with The Dead Mauriacs, who created a complete exotica-concrète score accompanying projected images of the book & live narration. That collaboration can be heard on this album, an armchair-travel virtual-voyage to the heart of an imagined actual elsewhere, stitched from pieces of narcotizing fabulisms, disturbing actualities, and incomprehensibilities – an interior excursion into the exotic immensity.

TRACKLIST: 1 - A Theory 2 - So it had begun, by a fire on a South Sea island 3 - Sniffing Out The Great Beyonds 4 - Outside Time and Beyond Space 5 - An Expedition is born 6 - Ahead to the Adventure 7 - Along an Unknown Shore - The Island Peers Out 8 - Disorientatio

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