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ESSENCE - Moments In House

strictly rhythm

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Strictly Rhythm
Cat: SR 1224. Rel: 4th October 2019
Deep House
Incredible, stone cold classic house music from the mighty Wayne Gardiner, a truly underrated producer whose output has remained evergreen over the decades and is definite deep house royalty. 'Moments In House' is from 1990, unbelievable really when you hear how fresh it sounds today. The clue is in the title, this is a killer version of Art Of Noise's seminal 'Moments In Love', a landmark record in itself. Gardiner pays tribute to the Art with his stripped, funky and driving use of their infamous pads and tones, a nod to the NYC / NJ clubs where records such as 'Moments In Love' would have been deemed the classics of the day. 'Just A Touch' is on the flip, a beautifully deep and bassline driven cut that evokes the spirit of Larry Heard, but doesn't borrow too heavily from him while carving out it's own late night sonic niche. One for the dancers and the lovers of the deepness. It's hard to top records like this, from the dawn of house music's golden age, innocent and uncomplicated yet oozing with soul and depth. There aren't many out there like Mr. Gardiner. Untampered with and re-presented in it's original 1990 form with original Strictly label artwork, you need this! Essential.

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