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Emika & Paul Frick - In Parallel

Improvisations X Inspirations

  • £10.78 ( )
Genre: Electronic/Modern Classical/Ambient
Format: 12”
Catalogue No.: IMPXINSEP01
B/C: 5051142008282
Release Date: 1st February 2021

* Pink Vinyl

* Emika & Paul Frick collaborate and make magical music from pianos, a vibraphone robot and synths that play themselves

* Their music feels like rainbow drops, raining colour, light bouncing from crystal gemstones. Reminiscent of Erik Satie, Laurie Anderson, with a melodic glitchy nod to Aphex Twin.

* This is music that channels some seriously beautiful light. It’s a great record to both wake up to and reflect under the moonlight.

* CNCPT brings the Berlin experimental Techno vibes, turning them into what they perhaps should have always been (if Emika & Paul Frick weren’t so in love with sound art minimalism). A perfect match for the flipside.

* A very satisfying A & B realisation on the vinyl. Vinyl release includes sticker with the digital download + score book + synth midi files

* An experimental Berlin trio at it’s finest.

Pressed at Duophonic Germany, minimal wait times, amazing sounding TPs, family run, buying from us supports them also.

* Press / Promotion:
Promotion and press with PR partners Lucy Palmer (Trix PR) and Jon Bills (The Bills Agency).
Lucy is specializing in Electronic press and media with Jon Bills specialising in culture and style publications including UK broadsheets. Track premiers, reviews and interviews sought with all leading online electronic and music culture platforms, including those with print will be contacted about this release and offered as news. Trix PR and Jon Bills mail outs to all contacts world wide, dedicated fan mail out to Emika audiences and mailing list including the new IMPXINS mailing list. Targeted Facebook, Instagram and Youtube ads to run during the promo period.

* Radio / Internet
Radio promo UK via Ray Verma. Nemone, and other UK BBC music shows targeted. Also Classic FM, Scala Radio in the UK. DKF nationwide Germany, Berlin Radio 1, Flux radio Berlin, Radio 1 Prague all sought via Emika’s personal connections with producers and presenters.
Social media videos featuring the tracks will be posted by the label, all artists and Emika September 2020.
IMPXINS: Socials launched June 2020 with 100-300 followers per page and 400+ mailing list subscribers
Emika: FB: 45k+ / Spotify 89+ monthly listeners / YouTube emikayoutubification: 15k+ subscribers / Twitter 5.5k+ / Soundcloud 23k+ followers / IG 9k+

* Tracklisting:
A1. In Parallel I
A2. In Parallel II
A3. In Parallel III
A4. In Parallel IV
B1. In Parallel IV (Meeting Parallel Rework by CNCPT)
B2. In Parallel III (Shaking Parallel Rework )
B3. In Parallel II (Glitching Parallel Rework )
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