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Elsa Hewitt - Citrus Paradisi LP

Lobster Theremin

  • £18
Cat No: LT070
Format: 2LP [Pink Vinyl]
Genre: Indie, Electronica, Ambient
Release Date: November 2020

Elsa Hewitt’s stunning Citrus Paradisi is receiving the reissue treatment from one of the UK’s most important record labels. The reissue marks Lobster Theremin’s first dip into the indie-electronica sphere; a dreamy, heart-string tugging cut of left-field leaning pop, early Actress influence and Elsa’s distinct psychedelic minimalism.

“I think the album is inspired a lot by synchronicity and faith – I’m not sure for what reason though. I guess it’s partly faith in the universe, and also in yourself – to be able to overcome things.” Elsa Hewitt has quietly been building repute as one of the UK’s most exciting electronic-experimental artists with quite a string of wonderful Bandcamp uploads that remain impossible to define under one genre term, yet unite beautifully under a distinctly sleepy, ethereal aesthetic.

Citrus Paradisi opens with ‘Tiny Dancer’; a hazy slice of gentle house that is thoughtful and meditative, whilst sad and optimistic. The oxymoron of hopefulness and hopelessness is a theme throughout the record, as we move through the early- morning sounds of London on ‘The Thing’ and subtle high-energy of ‘Pastel; both maintaining that stirring emotionality.

Every track on the record exists within a flexible genre of their own; each one lending itself it’s former as we meander our way through abstract, subtle math rock influence (‘Blood Orange’), down-tempo ambient (‘Drone Babe’) and twinkling high-velocity dreamscapes (‘Rolling In Your Wall’) to mesmerising effect. One of Lobster Theremin label head Asquith’s favourite records of 2019, Jimmy reached out to Elsa to inquire about a potential reissue, following the path he has built for himself in bigging up those he believes in.

Citrus Paradisi may be the symbolic sound of contemporary thought; hopeful, anxious, sad, happy, optimistic, hopeless. It’s a stunning and unique blend of moods, textures and thoughts that make for one of the prettiest and most captivating records of last year and now, as it receives the reissue treatment, we get to enjoy it all over again.

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