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Egg Meat - Egg Meat [Cassette]

Alien Jams

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Format: Cassette
Catalogue No.: AJ020
Barcode: 5050580794412
Release Date: 18 Nov 2022
Genre: Dance

01: Little Tune - Egg Meat
02: Earth Inside Them - Egg Meat
03: Milton, Plate 32 (35) - Egg Meat
04: Climate and Resilience - Egg Meat
05: 395 - Egg Meat

Egg Meat is a new project from London based artists Tooth Rust aka Laurel Uziell and Georgie McVicar, their self-titled EP features poems spoken by Danny Hayward.

The EP features speech-jammed text skittering across insistent rhythms, clipped signals and buzzing, saturated grains. You hear the racket of gunshots, mechanical clutter and punctuating tones that ring out impatiently like an unanswered phone call. Hayward's words at times surfacing as meaningful utterances, at others buried under this dense sonic matter.

The manipulations of voice are also at times so extreme as to render them indistinguishable from the clattering electronics that engulf them. The speech shapeshifts, shudders, and shatters in the way a violin glides and trills above an orchestra. The EP ends with an ambiguous promise: "Don't worry", Hayward assures us, "we'll be back."

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