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Doci - Scents

Makhunik Records

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Format: 12" Vinyl
Catalogue No.: MKN001
Release Date: 31 May 2024
Genre: Bass music

A1 Doci - Hedione (intro)
A2 Doci - Ambroxan
B1 Doci - Iso E Super
B2 Doci - Javanol

The concept behind the entire EP revolves around the power of scents, exploring how smells evoke emotions and memories from the past. Doci's fascination with scents and molecular fragrances inspired him to create an EP centered on the emotional experiences tied to different scents. Have you ever noticed how a fragrance can transport you back in time, bringing a rush of memories before your eyes? This EP is born from that very sensation. Needless to say, Doci's infatuation with fragrances significantly contributed to the effectiveness of the project. Hedione (Intro): Begin your odyssey with "Hedione," an atmospheric IDM/Experimental track. This floral molecular scent-inspired introduction gently ushers you into the EP's sensorial realm, setting the stage for a unique auditory adventure. Iso E Super & Ambroxan: Explore the intricate layers of musky, woody, and ambery scents in "Iso E Super" and "Ambroxan." These tracks, weaving through Break/Electro/Drum n' Bass genres with subtle Techno accents, offer a sonic journey that mirrors the nuanced edges of their aromatic inspirations. Each note captures the essence, presenting a balanced dance of rough and light tones. Javanol: Experience the raw energy of "Javanol" a leftfield/break Techno exploration. Reflecting the rough and woody facets of its scent inspiration, this track unfolds with aggressive synths and sounds, immersing you in a visceral encounter. Doc's musical interpretation captures the intensity of scent, creating a distinctive and bold auditory expression. In this EP, Doci skillfully translates fragrance into sound, inviting listeners on a textured expedition through scent-inspired composition

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