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DJ Marky, XRS, Makoto - Kochi EP

Innerground Records

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Format: 12" Vinyl
Catalogue No.: INN115 
Barcode: 5051142010698
Release Date: 15 Mar 2024
Genre: Electronic/Drum & Bass

* New from Innerground Records (co-founded by DJ Marky), also the home of Calibre, BassBrothers, Random Movement and Blade, comes the highly anticipated Vinyl LP from DJ Marky, XRS & Makoto, ‘Soul Samba (DJ Marky & Makoto 2024 Remix)’. Breathing new life into the 2004 hit from DJ Marky & XRS, the Remix from DJ Marky and Makoto does not disappoint. This special collaboration between some of the most important figures in the genre creates a ground-breaking Single, that marks 20 years since the release of the 2004 Single ‘Soul Samba / Breeze VIP’, and the 21st birthday of Inneground Records - founded in 2003.

* It should come as no surprise that the EP packs a punch, when looking at the combined experience of its contributors. ‘Soul Samba (DJ Marky & Makoto 2023 Remix’ begins as a bold statement from veteran D&B duo DJ Marky & Makoto, laying down the foundations of what’s yet to come. We’re taken on a ride through morphing tempos and enchanting vocals that hammer home what this immense vicennial EP is all about - a special milestone that represents the unwavering support of loyal Innerground fans over the past two decades.


A1 : DJ Marky & XRS – Soul Samba (DJ Marky & Makoto 2024 Remix) (LEAD SINGLE (SPECIALIST RADIO PLUGGING BY DAWBELL PR)
The Single launches with the warm Brazilian sunshine D&B that Innerground’s main man Marky is known for. The frequent collaborators Marky and Makoto team up to bring a fresh perspective on one of Innerground’s most loved hits. Uplifting harmonies intertwine with playful melodies to shape not only a guaranteed party starter, but a track that will put a smile on your face.

A2 : DJ Marky - Star Trippin’
Marky delivers an elegant, jazz piano number as his second instalment to the EP. A truly signature sound that Marky has become synonymous with, as breaks contrast below shimmering chords. This track has the duality to kick the night off, or to bring it to a close!

B1 : DJ Marky - (it’s just a) Simple Song
Airy pads and enchanting vocals intertwine, building to a sliding bassline and groovy ricocheting synth stabs. Complemented by twinkling piano notes and koto plucks, this is an instant classic from Marky.

B2 : DJ Marky - Kochi
‘Kochi’ seals the EP with a bang - taking inspiration from the Japanese city, Marky turns up the pace in a high energy, neon drenched hit that races to the destination of the journey he’s just taken us on. You won’t want to miss out on this sensational EP from the man who’s proven over the past 20 years he can do it time and time again!

* Press / Promotion: PR campaign (PRESS CAMPAIGN BY DAWBELL PR)

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* Tracklist:
A1 : DJ Marky & XRS – Soul Samba (DJ Marky & Makoto 2024 Remix)
A2 : DJ Marky - Star Trippin’
B1 : DJ Marky - (it’s just a) Simple Song
B2 : DJ Marky - Kochi

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