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Onemind Presents Onemind



  • £10.62
Genre: Electronic/Techno/Electronica
Format: 12’’
Catalogue No.: hundert106
EAN: 4251804122528
Release Date: 6th November 2020

* Don’t you realise that it’s getting warmer and warmer by the minute, that DJ JA’s “Warm” EP for hundert is just the beginning of something new while things continue to heat up? Just think about hearing it on the news, that feeling of your skin crawling, shrivelling, the shrill alarm sounds ringing inside your head and you trying to keep your cool while the heat is rising. Just relax though, consider the Y2K panic – how everyone breathed a breath of relief on the 1st of January once the clock had struck midnight and everything just stayed the same. After all, that’s maybe what we really need to be doing instead: wait for things and nature and this planet to settle this on their own terms. Wasn’t it all just a hazy craze back then, and isn’t the same happening now? Aren’t we all susceptible for either apathy or paranoia, that bittersweet ambivalence also at the core of this EP, which navigates between harsh and nervous sounds, providing both heat and the (figurative and literal) chilling cool that we so desperately long for? Remember to stay calm when you can and that nature couldn’t give a fuck about whether or not we start acting only when it’s far too late; just consider your own insignificance while the melodies stretch out beyond the horizon and into the aether. May we suggest however that you wake up, take the first letter of each sentence, put them all together in order to see through the heat of the moment and the chilling anxiety in order to feel what’s true, real, and present?

* Tracklist:
A1 DJ JA - Database
B1 DJ JA feat. rame951 - C2C
B2 DJ JA – Sand

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