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Detest - Glamorous Cool Kidz Stuff [full colour sleeve / light blue vinyl / incl. dl + CD]

PRSPCT Recordings

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Catalog: PRSPCT255
Label: PRSPCT Recordings
Genre: Hardcore
Release date: 16 Jul 2021
Format: 2x12"

A1 Detest - Glamorous Cool Kidz Stuff
A2 Detest - Fuck You!
A3 Detest - Rake
B1 Detest - Oldschool Thrash
B2 Detest - Don't Tell Me Shit
B3 Detest - Movie Junkie XXL
C1 Detest - Sleep Knowledge
C2 Detest - Back To Rim
D1 Detest - Last Human
D2 Detest - Love

Detest returns to PRSPCT with a 10-track album showcasing the wide range of influences that have informed his productions and DJ sets for more than 10 years.

Since signing to the legendary Strike Records in 2005, Detest has been turning in hardcore banger after banger for labels like Deathchant, Rebelscum, Peace off - and PRSPCT, of course!

Paying homage to the past and his roots in tracks like "Oldschool Thrash" and "Sleep Knowledge", Glamorous Cool Kids Stuff is a listening album and party record combined, full of dynamic shifts in moods, tempos and styles.

From teasing industrial beginnings via plenty of signature Detest dancefloor slayers, and even a cinematic synth reprieve in "Movie XXL", this is best experienced from start to finish.

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