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Degiheugi - Endless Smile [CD]

X-Ray Productions

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Format: CD
Catalogue No.: XRPCD2104  
Barcode: 3516628342424
Release Date: 7th May 2021
Genre: Dancehall/Ragga

The years go by and the ranks of followers never stop growing: it is because the already very busy discography of Degiheugi is enriched each time with a new solid gold disc, composing a unique, impressive work, in the French beatmaking landscape. Endless smile, sixth episode, reveals itself once again as a grand cru, immediately clear, but above all long in the mouth, loaded with intense melodic persistence and curls that take the ear hostage. And what a variety of aromas in the art of sampling: languid strings, oriental flutes, hopping brass, exotic percussions, intimate piano, samples of antediluvian blues or forgotten French song. This grape variety from the Great West finds its perfect balance in a hip-hop, classic, timeless spirit, which runs through the entire album in common thread. When other beatmakers give in too quickly to the sirens of the dancefloor, Degiheugi always transports us to his first hip-hop loves, for the sheer pleasure of the "beautiful loop". And that is why he knows how to surround himself as he should: the guests, faithful cronies (Ghostown, Andrre, Astrid Van Peetersen,) or newcomers (Ceschi, Josh Martinez), join the party with high-level featurings. The title of the album then sounds like a prophecy: an eternal smile while listening to Degiheugi.

Tracklist: 1. Qu'attendez Vous De Moi ?, 2. The Most Beautiful Sample, 3. Betty, 4. Life in a Bachelor Studio (feat. Ghostown), 5. Behind the Jukebox, 6. My Chevrolet Byscayne, 7. The Stranger (feat. Andrre & Astrid Van Peeterssen), 8. Psychoanalisis, 9. Bonsoir Et Bonne Chance (feat. Josh Martinez), 10. Kolkata, 11. Hey Yo!, 12. I've Got An Opportunity, 13. Blues Champion, 14. La Découverte, 15. A Dreaded Sunny Day (feat. Ceschi), 16. Une Nuit Avec Elle.

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