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Daniela Pes – Spira [CD]

Tanca / Trovarobato

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Format: CD
Catalogue No.: TNC003CD
Barcode: 8016670161974
Release Date: 24 May 2024
Genre: Experimental/Electronic

The language reverberating sound. The sound that becomes utopia. Produced by IOSONOUNCANE, Spira, the debut album of singer, instrumentalist, and electronic musician Daniela Pes, is released. She is already a winner of the prestigious Andrea Parodi award in 2017, Nuovoimaie awards (2017 and 2018), and SIAE Best Music at Musicultura. Previewed by the single "Carme," the album is released on Tanca Records on vinyl and all digital platforms. Between elegant and dark electronic beats and cosmic ambient breaths, seven tracks enveloped in the voice of a multi-talented artist, dedicated to deconstructing the song form and breaking down language to create an esoteric sonic world where the archaic, contemporary, and futuristic entwine like the gravitational dance of two galaxies about to merge. Born in 1992 in Gallura, with a jazz background that allows for absolute compositional freedom, Daniela Pes is a unique personality in today's scene. Her distinctive features include the use of voice as an instrument and textual exploration: in Spira, the Sardinian artist sings in a language that does not (yet) exist. Ancient Gallurese words, fragments of Italian terms, entirely invented words form the organic molecules of an unprecedented language where verses are free from metrics, and words are not conveyors of a concept but pure sound, like beads of an articulated phonetic rosary, inaccessible rationally but intoxicating emotionally. Lunar and mysterious, Daniela Pes thus accesses the primordial dimension of language to define a new archetype of communication. Enigmatic like a Greek oracle, she transports us through the intricacies of an initiation, leaving us captivated by the magical aspects of music. Composed on guitar, piano, and with Ableton software over three years – a period of deep and constant collaboration with IOSONOUNCANE – Spira's seven tracks unfold as sonic flows more than songs, seemingly sketching the music of a shamanic ritual celebrated in a remote and hallucinatory future to evoke new chthonic deities. Familiar in the vocal melodic lines rooted in tradition yet estranged like landscapes populated by wild masks depicted in Charles Fréger's photographs. While the instrumental dimension evokes cinematic images, the vocal side brings Daniela Pes closer to the linguistic-expressive exploration of certain contemporary theater. Spira is an album of visionary music interpreting the sonic dramaturgy as utopia. Utopia is nothing more than a model constructed to practice a radical critique of the existing. Thus, we face a daring and, anthropologically speaking, regal artist who, through her music, propels us elsewhere only to reveal glimpses of the reality of our present, where the logos appears (perhaps irreparably) compromised. This is Daniela Pes.

Track list: 1. Ca Mira 2. Illa sera 3. Carme 4. Ora 5. Laira 6. Arca 7. A te sola

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