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Dalhous - The Composite Moods Collection Vol.2: Point Blank Range


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Format: 2LP
Catalogue No.: DEN356LP
Barcode: 0634457048577
Release Date: 30th April 2021
Genre: Electronic, Ambient/Drone

Dalhous end the 5-year silence with the long awaited follow up to 2016's House Number 44, presenting the second volume of The Composite Moods Collection. ""Point Blank Range"" reinterprets the established narrative with an inverse look at the proceedings. Taking the “point of view of the disease"", the perspective is now turned inside out, revealing an alternate account from the eyes of the photographed subject of House Number 44. If Vol.1 was a documented presentation of another person's condition, Vol.2 takes the listener behind the facade. From the outset, the album offers a narratively uncooperative stance, weaving together layers of anxiety and painful specificity that often overtly manifests the psychotic protagonist's stormy interior state. A clearly subjective assault, which is made evident right from opening track 'Transceivers' through to the imploding nature of 'Intramuscular Administration’, to the vulnerable, psychedelic mania of 'Open As A Glade Unfolding'. Continuing to work within the framework of a soundtrack-like structure, Dalhous ramps things up to provide the aural equivalent of sound and picture, manifesting an almost quasi-visual experience. The entire record can be listened to as a continuous piece, each track seamlessly linked together as though part of an interconnecting nervous system. Where House Number 44 offered airy, widescreen soundscapes of detached detail, Point Blank Range presents an altogether different form. Creating airtight vacuums of agitated twitching feeling, tracks are pulled to the forefront of the stereo field, continually mutating their densely painted neurochemical hallucinations with a breadth of sound previously unheard on previous releases. Listeners will be able to decipher nods to long standing soundtrack influences from composers such as Fabio Frizzi, with his use of strikingly bold and haunting melodies, to Tangerine Dream’s distinctively foggy atmospheres of The Keep. There are moments that evoke the nihilistic drones of Brian Gascoigne’s soundtrack to Phase IV, and the more horrific passages of metal clanging ambience from the likes of Chu Ishikawa with his scores for Shinya Tsukamoto. After their former record label Blackest Ever Black disbanded, Dalhous found themselves out on a limb. It took 5 years to find a new home with Denovali. Vinyl: heavy gatefold sleeves + black polylined inner sleeves, 180g black vinyl & download.

1. Transcievers 2. A Mould Beyond Perception 3. False Fusion 4. The Bird Of Paradise 5. Everything Is Bleeding 6. Self-Mutilation 7. Phantasies From The Schema 8. Scope 9. Hallucinatory Violence 10. Grotesque. Empty. Spaces 11. Open As A Glade Unfolding 12. Emersion 13. Intramuscular Administration 14. Locked Within Herself

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