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CoreLeoni - III (Silver Vinyl)

Atomic Fire Records

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Format: LP, Silver Vinyl
ICPN: 4251981700700
Release Date: 13 May 2022
Genre: Rock

They are one of the most passionate homages to classic Hard Rock that has stood out in recent years: CORELEONI, founded in 2018. In the center of the formation literally beats the musical (lion) heart of guitar icon and GOTTHARD founding member Leo Leoni. In 2018 the band surprised the rock community with their “The Greatest Hits - Part 1”, which was released seemingly overnight. The album, which revived the old GOTTHARD classics - and with them the spirit of the time - caused quite a stir. CORELEONI's upcoming third work will be released in May, 2022. New on board with CORELEONI is singer Eugent Bushpepa. With his powerful voice, he adds a whole new level of authenticity and old spirit to the songs. "I don't think anyone has released an album like this in a long time," Leo Leoni states. “Hardly anyone thinks and writes in this way anymore or still uses Les Pauls guitars and Marshall amps the way we do. Personally, as a rock fan, I've missed that a lot in recent years. And Eugent Bushpepa has turned out to be an absolute stroke of luck for that. He underlines vocally exactly what I feel like doing and what I want to hear on a new rock album." This is how Classic Rock should sound like in 2022!

1. Let Life Begin Tonight
2. Purple Dynamite
3. Guilty Under Pressure
4. Greetings From Russia
5. Sometimes
6. Like It Or Not
7. Wake Up Call
8 . Sick & Tired
9. Would You Love Me
10. Deep In My Soul
11. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

1. Say Goodbye
2. Good Time Lover
3. Fist In Your Face
4. I’m On My Way

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