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Carl Stone - Stolen Car [CD]

Unseen Worlds

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Format: CD
Catalogue No.: UW33CD
Barcode: 0769256795411
Release Date: 30th April 2021
Genre: Experimental/Electronic

1. Pasjoli (4:29)
2. Huanchaco (5:53)
3. Auburn (5:23)
4. Au Jus (3:36)
5. Hinatei (3:37)
6. The Jugged Hare (3:06)
7. Rinka (4:45)
8. Bojuk (6:03)
9. Ganci (7:49)
10. Figli (7:14)
11. Xiomara (6:47)
12. Saaris (10:50)

Over the past several years, the recorded output of Carl Stone has been turned on its head. In previous decades, Stone perennially toured new work but kept a harboring gulf of time between the live performances and their recorded release. This not only reflected the careful consideration of the pieces and technical innovations that went into the music but also the largely academic-minded audience that was themselves invested in the history and context of the work.

The time span of Stone's recorded output in both sheer musical duration and year range was generously expansive. Following multiple historical overviews of Stone's work on Unseen Worlds and a re-connection with a wider audience, the time between Stone's new work in concert and on record has grown shorter and shorter until there is now almost no distance at all. Stone's work has often at its core explored new potential within popular cultural musics, simultaneously unspooling and satisfying a pop craving.

On Stolen Car, the forms of Carl Stone's pieces have also become more compact, making for a progressive new stage in Stone's career where he is not only creating out of pop forms but challenging them. Stolen Car is the gleeful, heart racing sound of hijack, hotwire, and escape. Stone carries the easy smirk and confidence of a car thief just out of the can, a magician in a new town setting up a game of balls and cups. With each track he reaches under the steering wheel and yanks a fistful of wires. Boom, the engine roars to life, the car speeds off into the sunset, the cups are tipped over, the balls, like the car, are gone.

“At times it feels like Stone’s music is a secret decoder ring unlocking the in¬nite possibilities hidden within other recordings... deft manipulation and recreation of pop music’s emotional impact out of apparent chaos is a substantial part of what makes much of the music on Stolen Car the most fully realized of Stone’s career." - Jonathan Williger, Pitchfork, 7.8 Scored Review

"'Stolen Car,' by the sample-driven American composer Carl Stone — presents up-tempo found-melodies, pristinely rendered into fresh guises." - Seth Colter Walls, The New York Times


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