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Boys Noize and Kelsey Lu - Ride Or Die ft. Chilly Gonzales/IU

Boysnoize Records

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Genre: Electronic

Format: 12’’

Catalogue No.: BNR205

EAN: 4251748700288

Release Date: 12th May 2021

Back in stock: 2nd June 2021

A flood of emotion and conflict surges from the two new singles from BOYS NOIZE releasing today on Boysnoize Records. The (+) side "RIDE OR DIE" is a collaboration between BOYS NOIZE and KELSEY LU featuring pianist CHILLY GONZALES (with VIDEO directed by Art Camp) while the (-) side "IU" pairs BOYS NOIZE and CORBIN for a double release driven by the intensity of a world in flux. Additional arrangements by Kieran Hebden.

German-Iraqi DJ and producer BOYS NOIZE has been balancing across the tightropes of underground and mainstream electronic music for 15 years, his passion fueled by an even longer history in clubs across Europe. Without the euphoria and catharsis of the stage, BOYS NOIZE channeled excess energy into the studio. As a result, "RIDE OR DIE" and "I.U." follow a period of immense momentum - BOYS NOIZE earning a 2020 GRAMMY nomination for "MIDNIGHT HOUR" with SKRILLEX and TY DOLLA $IGN and a 2021 GRAMMY nomination for LADY GAGA ft ARIANA GRANDE "RAIN ON ME," debuting his newest collaboration with A$AP ROCKY in CYBERPUNK 2077, landing a summer hit on DEFECTED RECORDS with "MVINLINE," and releasing a world-first modular hardware-driven techno LP called "STRICTLY BVNKER," crafted in realtime while streaming on Twitch.

With their introspective sensitivity and powerful voice, KELSEY LU joins BOYS NOIZE to capture and reflect upon the tumultuous emotional tenor of our uncertain future in (+) side "RIDE OR DIE". CHILLY GONZALES' masterful musicianship completes the trio, who slowly build a gorgeous and ethereal tapestry of melancholy until the delicate track explodes with a driving kick. The unexpected arrival of delirious, peak-time techno percussion thrusts the song into metamorphosis -- from fragility to power, sadness to hope, before it bursts into an anthem one can easily imagine being accompanied by the roar of an ecstatic crowd in what will be remembered as the moment of the night. We are still uncertain of when such moments will return, and our melancholy remains, but speeding forward at 140 bpm we know there is light awaiting at the end of the tunnel.

What else is there to do but lean into this propulsion? The ( - ) side, BOYS NOIZE "IU" featuring dark RnB innovator CORBIN, is moody but aggressive, with cavernous kicks pummeling under hi-tec breaks and hoovers at an overclocked, redlined tempo. This rocketing energy turns CORBIN's haunting looped vocals into a battle cry rather than a dirge, making "IU" the release to "RIDE OR DIE's" reflection. Both tracks share a frenetic tempo, boldly declaring that the energy of club culture will not falter, even when facing the myriad pressures of a world in distress.

The “RIDE OR DIE” video was loosely inspired by The Trolley Problem Experiment, modeled and animated in 3D and hand-painted over each frame, resulting in a serene and phantasmagoric world, a vast and unknowable dreamscape in which all potential selves coexist. Directors ART CAMP considered difficult choices and unknown outcomes one faces in life. “There is no fork in the road,” they say. “Instead, there are endless paths, and you can go down all of them. The video invites you into those parts of yourself that you haven’t yet seen, to find powers you didn’t realize you have.”. With a career defined by blazing a singular trail instead of taking those well traveled, BOYS NOIZE pushes on, lighting the way through every challenge ahead.


A1. Boys Noize and Kelsey Lu „Ride Or Die ft. Chilly Gonzales
A2. Boys Noize and Kelsey Lu „Ride Or Die ft. Chilly Gonzales (Extended Mix)
B1. Boys Noize “IU“ feat. Corbin

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