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Blood Music - For The Vagus Nerve

The Tapeworm

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Format: Cassette
Catalogue No.: TTW153
Barcode: 5050580782990
Release Date: 03 Jun 2022
Genre: Ambient

01: Rest And Digest - Blood Music
02: Feed And Breed - Blood Music

Score for as many players as you like – the recording is for nine.

Play any frequency between 264.94 Hz and 277.18 Hz, held, bent or gliding, between B3 and C#4 – hold this note for as long as your breath and/or heart permits.

If you feel you are in the same heart or breath rhythm of another player, cluster with them, or squirm out from under or over them.

Imagine a pink nerve inside your gut going up into your lungs, into your heart, into your reptilian brain, back into your gut.

Imagine the colour pink on the inside of this nerve.

Stop when you feel your pink nerve is sufficiently soothed into rest and digest.

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