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Blakaz - Sagaï (feat Menwar)

Lézard Zébré

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Weight: 200g

RELEASE DATE 12th Jun 2020
Genres - Electronica/Dance

"BLAKAZ is the name of the new project of LOYA.The aim is to collaborate with different Indian Ocean artists to produce an album with each of them and then tour after several work sessions near their place of residence.The first part is in Mauritius, the second in Madagascar and the last will be in Mozambique.

After a 2 two-week work sessions in Mauritius with the singer Menwar, the album SAGAÏ will be released in April 2020 and followed by a tour in La Réunion and Europe. During this tour, they will be accompanied by percussionist KERSLEY SHAM. After a first collaboration in May 2019 with Menwar, Loya wanted to do a more in-depth work on the sega music of Mauritius. The will was to explore new sounds using synthetic sound sources while respecting the spirit of the typical sega.

As Menwar is considered as a master of ravanne,LOYA started by studying his specific rythmic on the frame drum and synthesized it on his electronic machines.The dialogue between machines and acoustic instruments is the backbone of this project. The percussion ravanne is highlighted, with 2 compositions devoted to it.The frst where Menwar talks about his instrument on a synthesized ravanne rhythm.And a second where he sings his ravanne rhythm like in the "" konnakol"" in Carnatic music ( from south India ). The rest of the repertoire consists of traditional songs by composers Ti Frère,Georges Armelle, Fanfan."

Track Listing

1. Rouve ali (feat. Menwar)
2. Kanal Belo (feat. Menwar)
3. Katam (feat. Menwar)
4. Tchiombo Lila (feat. Menwar)
5. Bayus (feat. Menwar)
6. Mon Ravanne (feat. Menwar)
7. Kéléba Kéléo (feat. Menwar)
8. Bel Bato (feat. Menwar)
9. Petit O (feat. Menwar)
10. Fé Seké Na Po Fer (feat. Menwar)
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