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Bigfire - Deathcotheque the Album


  • £10.03

Cat: BF-005
Label: Bigfire [ Japan ]
Genre: Techno, House
Format: 12”EP
Release Date: July 2021

Track List:
A1:Hirugano (Marshall Jefferson Remix) [5:45]
A2:Apostate (Jammin Gerald Factory Style Mix)[10:21]
B1:Sustainment (K' Alexi Soulful Remix) [7:52]
B2:Hirugano [6:00]

Bigfire featuring Marshall Jefferson, K’Alexi & Jammin Gerald Remixes! Japanese electronic music band Bigfire releases 5th vinyl in 2021, including 3 great remixes from Chicago. One of house music’s most important founding fathers, legendary Marshall Jefferson remix is very magnificent, consisting of impressive built up strings, breathtakingly beautiful piano, strong bass and absolute House beat. Jammin Gerald is widely known as a pioneer of Ghetto House Music and an ace of Dance Mania label. Factory style series, a familiar name of his banging sound is constructing this innovative remix. K’ Alexi Shelby have had a great influence on not only House music but also Techno up to the present time. His elegant remix is nostalgic and soulful as its name suggests. Hirugano on B2 is an original of Bigfire. This is a one of a kind Hardgroove Rock produced by Homma Honganji, a leading expert of Hardgroove/Funky Techno. Mastering of all tracks and mixing of Hirugano (original) are done by Chester Beatty, the Chicago House Master in Japan Jacket illustration is drawn by Kishi Daimuro known for Kyoryudaikiko (Dinoventure).

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