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Bass Clef Inner Space Break Free

Wrong Speed Records

  • £21.58

Format: LP
Catalogue No.: WSR004
Barcode: 5056321642332
Release Date: 16th October 2020
Genre: Electronic

Originally released in 2011 on cassette on the Magic+Dreams label. This album has been played endlessly at the Wrong Speed HQ for all that time. It's so damn good. I wanted it on vinyl so here it is. This album will not be available digitally.Here's some words from Bass Clef: "2010-2011, I’d quit my job to try and do music full time, it never really worked out but there were great highs and lows to make up for that. In a kind of chaotic freefall, I was in between labels, looking backwards and forwards at the same time. This record was made very quickly and was very personal, really just made for me and for a few close friends, some of whom I’d grown up with. I feel very differently about sampling now than I did at that time, and am not sure I would make a record like this again. I wanted to use very familiar sounds, sounds that had been all over the records I loved as a teenager, and along with the vocal samples, to tell a story. Of the sense of freedom that dance music had brought to me, and of the mental costs of living that kind of life, and of the beautiful joys too. Some of my most vivid listening experiences in my late teens were always walking home coming down after parties or nights out, so Inner Space was intended as a reverse time capsule - a retrospective soundtrack for those early mornings. It was dedicated to the tunes, DJ’s, soundsystems, noisy neighbours and pirate stations that inspired me and repeatedly turned my head inside out"

TRACK LIST: A1. I Think You Are Ready Now For The Eternal Point Of No Return A2. I Was Dreaming Magic Words A3. Yrheartmyheart A4. North London Fire A5. Memory Closer B1. Still No Government B2 Memory Scars B3. Long Ago B4. Everyone I Know B5. Break Free

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