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AsherZax - The Last Shall Be First (feat Meira Asher)

Raash Records

  • £9
FORMAT - Cassette
RELEASE DATE 5th Jun 2020
Genres - Alternative/Punk

"Don't forget Bobby Sands (1954-1981)
Fighter against British imperialism in Northern Ireland, he led the 1981
hunger strike by men in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh and women in Armagh
Jail who sought political prisoner status.

Asher.Zax directed their machines at the occupation
and the anniversaries of: 69 years of Israeli state occupation of Palestine,
day 21 of the Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike,
the death of Bobby Sands who died on
day 66 of his hunger strike in 1981.

#1, 2, 3 and 5 - recorded live at the Plaster - Haifa 6.5.2017
Inspired by Frantz Fanon's 'The Wretched of the Earth'
Meira Asher - Electronics, Voice, Percussion, Eran Sachs - No-Input mixer,
Ben Riftin - Sound
#4 - text by Antonin Artaud, recorded by Ronald Boersen 2017
#6 - poem 'Resist my people, resist them' by Dareen Tatour
From the Solidarity album #poemontrial 2018
Composed and performed by Meira Asher, featuring Young Thunder
Mixed by Dani Meir."

Track Listing

1. The Last Shall Be First (feat. Meira Asher)
2. Absolute Evil (feat. Meira Asher)
3. The Colonised People (feat. Meira Asher)
4. L'abolition De La Croix (feat. Meira Asher)
5. Hunger Strike Is Combat (feat. Meira Asher)
6. Response to My Remains (feat. Meira Asher)

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