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Andrew Heath - Europa

Disco Gecko Recordings

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Format: CD Album
Catalogue No.: GKOCD021
Release Date: 4th September 2020
Genre: Electronica/Dance (Ambient)

A soundscape artist and composer, Andrew Heath creates quiet, ambient, lower-case music based around piano, electronics and field recordings, drawing inspiration from a simple piano motif, an electronic shimmer or a processed found sound.

Early collaborations with fellow musician, Felix Jay, using piano, Fender Rhodes and electronics led to an initial CD release, Tall Cloudtrees Falling. This inspired a wonderful partnership with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and their second release, Meeting the Magus.

Having performed live in a number of interesting locations such as artists studios and art galleries - a late night performance at one such studio resulting in the basis of Entertaining Angels, their third CD - they produced one more collection, Vortexia.

Andrew then produced a number of video and site-specific, sound installations. This introduced him to the technique of working with field recordings, often leaving in the sonic detritus that most would seek to eliminate as being 'non-musical'.

The work he now produces blends these three elements, piano, electronics and found sounds into a mix that on the surface sounds quite minimal and open, but on closer listening, contains detailed fragments, constantly shifting and changing its place.

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