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Ancestral Voices - Forces Of Consciousness [printed sleeve / green vinyl]


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Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl
Catalogue No.: HOROEX40
Release Date: 14 Jun 2024
Genre: Ambient

A1 Ancestral Voices - Form Emerges
A2 Ancestral Voices - Inner Planes
B1 Ancestral Voices - Threads
B2 Ancestral Voices - Lightbody
C1 Ancestral Voices - Latent Codes
C2 Ancestral Voices - Pattern Weaver
D1 Ancestral Voices - Forces of Consciousness
D2 Ancestral Voices - Formless                                   
Horo proudly presents the long-awaited fourth studio album, Forces of Consciousness, by Ancestral Voices.
 Following Liams first venture, 'Night of Visions,' a diary of a physical and life-changing journey to South America, he took a trip into seismic, dark, and heavy frequencies with his second LP, 'Divination,' which plunges into the notion of ritual. The third LP delved into the cosmic, devising custom tuning systems for the meditative 'Navagraha'.
 Liam continues this conceptual approach that threads his work together with Forces of Consciousness - an exploratory dive into metaphysics, how consciousness creates reality, and how sound exists to bind and sustain our thoughtforms in harmony.
 "I am fascinated by the intricate workings and unexplained phenomena beyond the physical. This has become a journey as I seek to understand the interconnectedness of all things. The threads that bind us to this experience.
 Everything is consciousness; all things in existence are inherently conscious, including living and non-living entities. Consciousness is not merely a product of our brains and bodies but a fundamental universal aspect.
 Consciousness creates reality; our consciousness shapes our perception of the world. Our thoughts and beliefs play a significant role in shaping the reality we experience.
 While intangible thoughts cannot be measured physically, they shape our reality tremendously. Our thoughts significantly impact the world around us.
 We are waveforms, and everything around us is sound. Sound plays a vital role in maintaining balance, whether the sound of a chirping bird, the whistles of dunes, or the resonance of the Earth.
 As a collective, we make up chords that continuously merge and try to find a harmonious balance that sustains our consciousness. In essence, thought forms coexist to create harmonic structures, a lattice of electrical current that manifests as the lives we live every day."
 The patterns change with the observer.
 Matter is a limitation of consciousness.
 That which was first was the immeasurable.
 The harmonies remain.

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