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Amplifier Heads - Songs From They Came To Rock [CD]

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Format: CD
Catalogue No.: RUM182CD
Barcode: 0755491301524
Release Date: 31 May 2024
Genre: Alternative

The Ampli­er Heads’ soundtrack to the alien rock opera Songs From They Came To Rock Sal Baglio steers a musical speed rocket ship for Norty Cohen’s theatrical production. Who are they, and what do they want? Thatís a loaded question no matter the topic, but when it comes to aliens and why they’ve visited us here on Earth, the answer is relatively simple - They Came To Rock. And rock they have, as executive producer Norty Cohen’s immersive rock opera about an alien invasion and its undeniable connection to rock and roll gets the proper soundtrack treatment courtesy of The Amplifier Heads. The project of Boston music scene icon Sal Baglio unleashes Songs From They Came To Rock, a masterclass in extra-terrestrial rock and roll with sound that spans decades. First debuting in Nashville three years ago and receiving praise from Rolling Stone, Cohen’s theatrical production of They Came To Rock details a story about friendly little green men coming to Earth - which they call The Vinyl Frontier - in search of the type of music heard through static and noise on their radio. The soundtrack’s barnstorming title track, “They Came To Rock,” featuring Barrence Whitfield was premiered last month by Spill Magazine. And Whitfield is not alone in joining forces with Baglio on the record, who rounded up some notable players to help tell the story of how the invention of rock and roll sent out guitar signals through the galaxy – drawing those spacemen into our own orbit. Also appearing on Songs From They Came To Rock are Jen DíAngora, Dan Kopko, Dave Mattacks, and others.

Tracks: 1 Transmission #1 Arrival 00:39 2. They Came To Rock 02:49 3. Transmission #2 1957 00:34 4. They Heard My Radio 02:36 5. Transmission #3 Objects 00:16 6. Something Went Down 02:59 7. Transmission #4 Welcome 01:02 8. Bienvenue 02:57 9. Dead Star 03:08 10. Transmission #5 Showtime 00:08 11. The Best It's Gonna Be 02:41 12. Transmission #6 Outer Space Eddie: Betty and Bernie 01:35 13. That Girl Betty 02:23 14. Space Cadette 02:12 15. Transmission #7 Outer Space Eddie: Cosmic Show 00:15 16. Alien Blues 02:27 17. Transmission #8 TCTR 00:27 18. The Moon Rocks 01:29

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