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Alvin Davis & Alien Dread - Dreadland


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Format: Cassette
Catalogue No.: IRONCS028
Barcode: 667209415440
Release Date: 24 Jun 2022
Genre: Roots-Reggae-Instrumentals

* Dreadland is an instrumental Roots Reggae album and is the culmination of two years work, where the tracks evolved and were then adapted and re-engineered to utilise a new/revised Alien Dread studio set-up in late 2020.

The album eventually came together in Summer 2021. Alvin Davis is a talented multi-instrumentalist; specialising chiefIy in saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Flute etc;. He has worked with Alien Dread for many years and has contributed to virtually all projects.

All of the pieces were inspired by traditional Jamaican Roots Reggae and skillfully produced by Andrew Passey (Alien Dread) with assistance from ISR (long time co-producer). The other players involved are Asha B, who has worked with AD for several years ref Congos and percussion and Steven "Marley" Wright, who supplied rhythm and lead guitar.

* Cassette – Special limited edition. *10 Selected tracks from the CD release (IRONCD 029).
* All rhythms by: Alien Dread, feat Asha B, Steven ‘Marley’ Wright.
* Recorded at AD Studio.
* Tracks mastered by Alien Dread/Isr at AD Studio.
* Produced by: Alien Dread.
* Promotional Video on You Tube: https://youtu.be/yAGpEpRFuwk

* Press / Promotion: Main AD Facebook page, ISR Blog, ISR Web Site. Alien Dread/ISR-Facebook.
Soundcloud and other outlets.
* Radio / Internet: You Tube Video, ISR Web site, Rodigan-BBC. Bionic Steel, Reggae Portugal.
Black Country Radio (West Midlands). US: BTR-NY. Plus many other Radio and Web outlets,
UK, JA, US etc;.

* Tracklist:
A: 1. Journey To Africa Vs 2. 2. Habesha. 3. The Good Land. 4. Steppin’ High. 5. Narrow Is The Gate.
B: 1. Stand Firm. 2. If I Should Fall. 3. Day Of Dread. 4. Nebochadrezzer. 5. Postcard To Jamaica.


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