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Alexander Winkelmann - Danke der Nachfrage

Martin Hossbach

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Format: LP
Catalogue No.: 12BACH14
Barcode: 4250101429729
Release Date: 08 Oct 2021
Genre: Punk-Pop / Indie Rock

Alexander Winkelmann, the most polite punk in Germany, sings about almost normal life. We are obviously dealing with departure and despair, with old longings and new contentment, with the good and the terrible, and with the Yolofant ("Yolofant").

What do you do when you can do everything? And what happens when everything stands still? Driving and scrappy, gaga and melancholic. The nineties, the noughties, the two-thousand-twenties. Punk, pop, indie rock. Winkelmann's debut album, "Danke der Nachfrage", is living room self-made and yet brilliantly produced (in Marzahn - by Balayage, i.e. Garagen Uwe and Sebastian Gieck). The album, which is accompanied by several videos, is riddled with hits, but also meta and form-conscious - a musical stunt that is actually impossible.

The driven voice of Winkelmann's character seems downright manic, it is the offensive expression of a person who is very, very well, but also very, very sad. Winkelmann believes in the unifying power of the Tempelhof airfield ("Flugfeld"), he walks alone on an untravelled motorway ("Autobahn") and has seen things that have long since disappeared ("Dinge"). He wants to fly with his living space to the living space of the person he loves ("Lockdown"), he wants to wet pizza with lots of hot oil, and will probably never forget the Christmas party of 2019 ("Christmas party").

Ten eccentrically sensitive hymns about the actually beautiful life, intimately close to everyday life in Berlin.

1 - 1 Alexander Winkelmann Babies 00:03:00
1 - 2 Alexander Winkelmann Stadt 00:02:13
1 - 3 Alexander Winkelmann Juicer 00:02:10
1 - 4 Alexander Winkelmann Autobahn 00:03:22
1 - 5 Alexander Winkelmann Flugfeld 00:03:22
1 - 6 Alexander Winkelmann Stream 00:02:53
1 - 7 Alexander Winkelmann Lockdown 00:03:30
1 - 8 Alexander Winkelmann Yolofant 00:02:45
1 - 9 Alexander Winkelmann Weihnachtsfeier 00:04:43
1 - 10 Alexander Winkelmann Dinge 00:02:50

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