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Onemind Presents Onemind



  • £24.93

Format: 2 x LP
Catalogue No.: MNQ151
Release Date: 13 May 2022
Genre: Soundtrack

A1 Pr 002 - Ii
A2 Pr 001 - I
A3 Pr 004 - Xiii
A4 Pr 001 - Ii
A5 Pr 002 - X
A6 Pr 001 - V
A7 Pr 002 - Xiv
A8 Pr 002 - Ix
A9 Pr 002 - Viii
A10 Pr 004 - Ix
B1 Pr 003 - Ix
B2 Pr 003 - Ii
B3 Pr 003 - Viii
B4 Pr 002 - Xiii
B5 Pr 003 - X
B6 Pr 003 - Iii
B7 Pr 004 - Iv
B8 Pr 006 - X
B9 Pr 002 - V
B10 Pr 001 - Vii
B11 Pr 001 - Iii
C1 Pr 004 - Iii
C2 Pr 004 - Vi
C3 Pr 004 - Vii
C4 Pr 005 - Iv
C5 Pr 004 - Iv
C6 Pr 004 - Viii
C7 Pr 006 - Ix
C8 Pr 004 - X
C9 Pr 003 - I
C10 Pr 004 - Xii
C11 Pr 006 - Xii
D1 Pr 005 - Ii
D2 Pr 005 - Vi
D3 Pr 002 - Vii
D4 Pr 006 - I
D5 Pr 006 - Iii
D6 Pr 006 - Ii
D7 Pr 006 - Iv
D8 Pr 006 - V
D9 Pr 006 - Vii
D10 Pr 006 - Viii

2xLP 400 copies..Limited Edition.

Alessandro Adriani marks his comeback on his own Mannequin Records with an impressive body of work on this 2xLP 'Program & Rhythm', inspired by the Italian library music and soundtrack composers.

Italian composers from the 60s to the 80s seemed limitless in their experiments and endlessly colorful, despite being a hidden part in the history of music. Library music takes weird and fantastic detours, between garish drum machines, seedy guitars, synthesizers gone haywire, and fractious brass sections. The scene’s big names included Ennio Morricone, Piero Umiliani, Alessandro Alessandroni, Giampiero Boneschi, Egisto Macchi, A.R. Luciani and Bruno Nicolai, just to name a few.

After spending weeks on end in an improvised-by-covid home studio recording hours and hours of music every day, Alessandro was turning and shaping his analog machines into an experimental synth pop, psychedelic funky jazz and weird ambient fusion, making up six different releases called simply 'Program & Rhythm' from the Roland CR-78 programming buttons.

The final selection of 42 tracks out of the six releases - originally intended to be put out as tapes - would finally compose the tracklist of the double vinyl presented here, with the catalog number PR and roman numerals used for the track titles.

An exceptional document of music in Alessandro's discography, 'Program & Rhythm' enters into an ultimate unknown journey, creating music for films that do not yet exist, putting his steps deeper into a faceless obscure music.


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