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AK Sports - Polarize EP


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Cat No: GLRY003
Format: 12" EP
Genre: Breaks, House, Electro
Release Date: October 2020

In challenging times you confide in the things you love. Us folk at Gallery love releasing music and we love our friends who make it. Enter GLRY003 and AK SPORTS (Madi Carr), an EP beaming with energy. ‘Polarize’ has brunt and might, it encourages a loss of inhibitions, sweat and to dance however the hell you like!

Forever championing womxn and non-binary people in the music industry, Madi has gifted us tracks on ‘Polarize’, that’ll have people from all walks of life eager to rave as one. Having commanded the airwaves of UK tastemaker station Balamii, alongside folks such as Chaos In The CBD and Ross From Friends, Madi’s had a brilliant platform to share underground tunes with the masses. This certainly isn’t AK SPORTS first foray into release land either, having piqued the interest of labels both locally and in the Eurozone. Imprints like Of Leisure, Tooflez Musik (Berlin) and Start Local Records (UK) have been chuffed to press her tracks.

There's a nice spread on ‘Polarize’, a full range of emotions, from the injection of dubstep styled low ends, playful, light percussive and vocal tones of UK Garage and driving nods to techno and uplifting jacking house. Lovers of breaks, bass and sharp percussion, this one’s for you. The opener ‘A Flash Storm (And Then It Was Gone)’ is a menacing recipe of tech stabs and clapping breaks. A2 ‘Houdini’ is a brief reprieve from the wee hours, a shimmering and uplifting roll of synth. Flipping over comes ‘Dit Quelque Chose’, a reappropriating of the breakbeat AKS we already know and love. Translated into English meaning ‘say something’, Madi uses myriad of drums as the driving force for the track. The result, a personal and cathartic release. A comment on that anxious, silent air between two people wrapped in a feud and the insecurity that manifests. No samples here either, Madi happens to be bilingual. Then there’s ‘Tank Girl’, a fun and ultra bold serving, an experimental nod to a spectrum of UK underground club styles. A record that possesses an inherent drive to get out and cause a stir!

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