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4 SKINS - Riot In The Ghetto: Unreleased Radio & Studio Sessions [Red LP Vinyl]


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Format: Red LP Vinyl
Catalogue No.: RRS244CV
Barcode: 8055515235708
Release Date: 26 Apr 2024
Genre: Punk

Containing the hits that were only deemed misses by the critics that condemned Oi! as some kind of subcultural fad that favoured football and violence way above the bloody good tunes that should by rights occupy the higher rank, 4 Skins, The Unreleased Radio & Studio Sessions encapsulates that energy at its finest. From formidable swarms of police brutality and political injustice, the underlying (and unyielding) socio-political messages experienced from the streets that resonated with every estranged clockwork skinhead of the day are bound to be ticked on every track. After the atmospheric crash of One Law for Them, dropped in amongst the Radio and blistering Bumper Sessions with Evil sitting squarely in its unpolished centre is the ska-inflected gallop of Seems To Me, an unreleased tune reinforcing the notion that there was more to Oi! than meets the laces.

Wonderful World (Radio Sessions)
Jelousy (Radio Sessions)
One law for them (Radio Sessions)
Evil (Radio Sessions)
Yesterdays heroes (Radio Sessions)
Norman (Unreleased 45)
Seems to Me (Unreleased 45)
Clockwork Skinhead (Bumper sessions)
Evil (Bumper sessions)
A.C.A.B (Bumper sessions)
I don’t wanna die (Bumper sessions)
Yesterdays heroes (Bumper sessions)
Saturday (Demo)

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