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Vinyl Vs CD... Who Wins? (Hint: you do.)


Just as the Coke vs, Pepsi debate of the 80’s divided a culture, and the Grunge vs. Hip Hop debate of the 90’s confused the world, the question of Vinyl vs. CD still rages on with proponents of both sides arguing over which is best and why.  

However, consumers, music professionals and today’s artists need to face the fact that a lot of people aren’t buying physical music anymore. When people want to listen to a brand-new song, they just watch the music video on YouTube with their smartphone. Many artists and producers still get a sizable amount of ad revenue if their music videos get millions of views.

Physical Music Formats Are Not Dead

Does that mean that physical music formats are all but dead in the water? Not by a long shot! In fact, there is a sub-culture of both vinyl and compact disc faithful that are still buying up the latest releases from their favourite artists. Some are even purchasing two copies so they always have a fresh, unopened one if they ever lose, or wear out (yes, both vinyl and CD versions of your favourites can wear out), they will always have a fresh copy ready when they need it.

Vinyl Or CD For Sound Quality?

So, what’s better? Vinyl or CD? Obviously, a compact disc has a much cleaner sound if you like that sort of thing. But there is something magical about a high-gram vinyl record that is pure bliss to any audiophile. Even with the pops and hisses, vinyl has a certain sound quality that can’t be replicated.

Vinyl Or CD For Portability?

But, can you take your record collection along with you on a road trip? Unless you have a record player mounted somewhere in your Vauxhall, it just isn’t happening. This is where the portability of CD’s shine. You can grab a couple of your favourites, toss them in your backpack and into your car for your morning commute or weekend getaway.

As you can see, both vinyl and CD have their own particular pros and cons. It all depends on what you, the music aficionado likes and wants to spend your money on.

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