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The Resurgence Of Vinyl Music


We are living in a world where we can listen to just about any kind of music we want with just a few taps on the screen or clicks of the mouse.

With YouTube and other free online platforms, listening to drum and bass music or your favourite DJ is very easy to do. So, who would think that music in physical formats like vinyl would still endure?

There’s a new resurgence in the use of vinyl records and they are being enjoyed by an increasing number of music fans who are looking for something tangible.

The popularity of vinyl records declined in the late 1970’s due to the appearance of cassettes and later CDs in the 1980’s. The resurgence of vinyl records started in early 2010’s and UK sales of vinyl records reached 5.6 million in 2017 and 6.7 million in 2018.

Multisensory Experience

The multisensory experience is a huge appeal of vinyl recording. 

It involves sound, sight and touch, while digital streaming music only appeals to only one sense. Vinyl records are a combination of auditory, visual and tactile experiences, offering more than just instant gratification.

When you hold the record in your hands, you directly feel the record. With its physical dimensions and fragility, you learn to respect vinyl records.

You need to handle vinyl records with care, because they can be scratched easily and if you leave them out in the sun, they can warp. Vinyl records have physical depth and richness that current digital media lacks.

Excellent Sound Quality

 Another huge appeal of vinyl music is its excellent sound quality. There are plenty of debates about the quality of digital music, like MP3s, CDs and online streaming, although the average listener won’t notice any difference. Even so, digital processing involves sampling, conversion and compression that may alter or degrade sound quality.

Avid audiophiles would argue that vinyl records sound more authentic. Old vinyl records crackle and pop, making them sound more alluring.

High-quality MP3 songs or CD may sound too clean or pristine, feel manufactured almost. Digital music always sounds the same and it lacks the character.

An LP makes you feel like you are at a concert with slight variances, each time you listen to it.

 As a classic and physical medium of music, vinyl music hold its value over time, compared to digital music format. Today, songs can be obtained free on YouTube and as MP3 formats. MP3 files have zero monetary value and CDs are also quite cheap.

Used CDs may worth a few dollars or higher for rarer ones. Regular vinyl LPs are more expensive between £10 and £20. Rare vinyl records may worth a few hundred pounds.

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