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The Difference In Dance Music Around The Globe


Dance music is all the same, right? It has a beat that we like and it’s universally known, at least throughout our world. Dance music in the UK is the same as it is in South Africa, Tokyo, Japan, and the clubs of Rio de Janeiro, isn’t it.

While it might seem like this should be true, dance music isn’t the same wherever you go. In fact, there are many differences from region to region and knowing those differences can open you up to another world of music that will excite your senses and help you to see other cultures in a whole new light.

The Difference In Dance Music Around The Globe

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some of those differences and see just how different dance music around the globe can be. Let’s get started:

Culture- as cultures differ, so will the music they create and enjoy. Before the global expansion of the internet, dance music used to be much more different than it is today, it was largely based on culture rather than what everyone else is doing. Today, you can still hear the cultural differences in dance music and many local DJ’s will add their own flair.

Instruments- the instruments used to create music around the world can be as different as bagpipes are to pan flute, and you can hear regional differences in many different forms of dance music just by listening for a specific type of instrument that is relative to that region’s culture. You might hear more drums in Brazilian dance music than Euro dance, for example.

Technology- just as the instruments used to create music can differ from region to region, so will the technology. There are DJ’s with very little equipment and low-budget studios in underdeveloped regions of the world turning out dance music that rivals the music created on expensive equipment and in professional studios. This goes to show that talent and vision are more important.

Beat- dance music has a wide range of beats that listeners can choose from. Fast to slow, rhythmic to erratic, the beat dictates the club experience. In some countries, you will find that the beat is much faster than you are used to, or it is much more relaxed in a synth wave kind of vibe. Regardless of the differences, dance music is still popular no matter where you go in this world.

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